What is this??

  1. a Trunks/Bags cles? any one know about this?

    It can't be the pouch (the actual accessories pouch is 172 Euros)

  2. Claire posted about it in her reference thread:
  3. It is the pretty new charm, has been out since the first of the year in stores. Come in the dark brown shade (ala the mono and also the dark violet shade) All the stores in NJ near me have them, very pretty.
  4. Agreed. Allthough I like the new ones with the locks better.
  5. Ohhh, I want to see a picture, it sounds cute!
  6. Thanks wentworth!

    Yep it's super cute

  7. I hope they get a picture soon!
  8. LV put the pic and video up. It's quite nice, lots of colour.