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  1. I don't follow coach too much anymore, but i've never seen this style.

    maybe i am wrong?
  2. I can't be 100% sure but it *looks* like a fake version of an actual style. I have a bag in the real style in aubergine, and I'm fairly certain that the side with the pocket does not also have that strip of leather going across like on the other side.
  3. wow...never in my LIFE have I seen a coach with its handels "protected" in that plastic! and the "c"s towards the top of the bag even look wrong!
  4. I know-I can't believe how fake this is-with the weird style number and the plastic on the handles and so on-I am just learning here-but, this seems to scream fake. And, yet, people are bidding on it-I wonder if they know :sad:
  5. The auction has been pulled, so hopefully no one got burned.
  6. yikes! fake fake fake, while coach did carry that color in the fall that bag looks all wrong. good eye on the handles! if anything they are wrapped in tissue not plastic but they will not mail them or sell them still in the wrapping.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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