What is this?!?!

  1. hello..

    I've never bought a MJ bag before but there is this one bag that has caught my attention. i cant find a pic but I'll try my best to describe it...it has Multi pockets ( i think 4) and i saw in the quilted material and it has the big thick chain like the Stams....thats pretty much it...could someone tell me what the name of the bag is?? and how much it runs for?? please and THANK YOU!!
  2. Hm. I know the Venetia and the Blake have the quilted look. . .I'm not sure about how many pockets though. .

    [edit] Oops. SerenitySue's found what looks like what you're describing.

  3. is that the only size??.....the straps seem kinda long...

  4. Yup. As far as I know it only comes in one size. I've seen it IRL. It's quite nice. A friend of mine who was with me at the time was totally loving it! Pity it was on a lady in the mall, lol! But we kinda stalked it for a few isles.
  5. im like 5'4 ...would it be hanging down to my waist???
  6. I can't remember it really well coz that was several weeks ago when I saw it and that was the only time I've seen one in Melbourne. That girl was about your height and if I recall correctly, the drop hung down to sorta mid to lower rib-cage area. So, just slightly above waist height. But this is going by my foggy memory of it:weird:.
  7. The strap is not very long. It is a bit longer than the nomal multipocket. The bag should fall mid torso