what is this yellow??

  1. what is this yellow u guys are talkin' about? i just looked at the fall/winter swatches and i didnt see a yellow unless it was the white like color one.. wat yellow is it? does anyone know?.. white-yellow or mustard yellow??
  2. i believe it's called "jaune" and we're all getting excited because new swatches were posted earlier by hgbags (lovely pfer) of the new colors to come:graucho:
    you can search for it, the thread is back there some where :yes:
  3. i checked, but i didnt see a yellow i saw a white can anyone post the thread or link ?
  4. me again! I believe you are getting close..you have to read that whole entire thread..in the middle of the thread..there is another set of swatches..and the colors are in there!

    check again?:graucho: hope that helps!
  5. I can't find the pic of it, but I remember it looking more like a mustard yellow to me... but that was just the sample swatchy thing lol I wonder what'll look like on an entire bag...
  6. Here it is, but not from me, just a messenger ! :yes:
    Arena FW 07-newer.jpg
  7. The SA at Balenciaga Paris described it as definitely a mustard color, so did a SA in Athens. I think that it will be an awesome color!!! I can only get it if it is a mustard shade because I cannot wear light shades of yellow. With my blonde hair and olive skin, light yellow makes me look icky. But mustard will be a definite must have!
  8. when is this color due to come out?
  9. The SA said that it would be available for purchase in mid June and she would ship it to me, but you could probably talk to other SA's and be told a different time frame. You know how that goes........it's not out until it's actually here on the shelf!
  10. I thought it was coming out Sept. 07... but I could remember wrong, and the stores could get it in sooner or later :shrug: