What is this yellow thing?!

  1. I saw this on let -trade, and have never seen it before...anyone know what this yellow key chain is suppose to be, i suppose it has some nautical theme right? just wondering:shrugs:

    thank guys!
    lv-v62-03sm.jpg lv-v62-07sm.jpg
  2. I think it's like the ones that float if your keys fall over board.:shame:
  3. It's a rubber floaty thing that you can use to attach to your keys, so they float in the water. The idea of it is similar to those foam things that boaters put on their keys. It comes with all of the antigua lv cup bags and totes.

    I looked at a besace from the cup line, but i dont like the matte-finished silver lv 'inventeur' plate on the front...the shiny gold is more glam!

  4. aww you beat me to it!
  5. Looks like a fortune cookie
  6. It is idiotic. So my keys won't sink...but my bag will?
  7. looks like a sandbag...:shrugs: :s

  8. LMAO!!:lol:
  9. I was going to say it's a "Fortune Cookie" charm/keychain. LOL

  10. :roflmfao: lol...so true guys...haha...thanks for the responses!! kinda weird though...
  11. i agree, but it doesn't look too crispy tho :drool:
  12. The bag is from the america's cup...boating. While I agree you might be upset if you bag went overboard, you would really be upset if you were stuck without your keys. ;)
  13. Yep, it's for the American Cup- I saw it in-store and it's quite a lovely color combo.
  14. It's a mini bouy...
  15. hehe looks like a dumpling