what is this? whens it from?

  1. [​IMG]i think this is cute...but i'm not sure what its called or when its from. Do any of you girls know?
  2. thanks....the link (newer one) isnt quite working for me right now....but i'll try later. thanks again!
    <<<<you guys know darn near everything>>>>
  3. I think purse is right. I was given a hobo last year from a friend which was sold at the outlet. I still like those little c's.
  4. it takes several times to get it working.
  5. Cool link thanks for sharing
  6. I am not sure if you have any interest in this, but that exact bag is for sale at bagborroworsteal.com in their outlet for $169.90. I have never tried their services but I signed up a while ago just to see what they were selling in their outlet. I am intrigued by borrowing handbags and using them for as long as I want but I think it's rather expensive and I'd rather put the money toward my own bag.

    Here's a link:
    Bag Borrow or Steal™ Coach Handbags and Jewelry
  7. ^^thats where i saw it....their outlet. I wonder what condition they are in though.
    And i agree: i'd rather put my money towards a bag of my own :smile:
  8. The FAQ section says all of their items are new or like new but I don't know if that's also true of the outlet items. If you like the bag well enough and if they allow returns of outlet items you could always give it a try.
  9. yes they do allow returns for 30 days
  10. That wayback link is pretty cool. Its neat seeing those bags again!