What is this?? Upside down???

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  1. Presenting the Viktor & Rolf upside down bag.:weird:
  2. I saw that this morning ... no thank you, that is all I have to say. :weird:
  3. He ehh..now way. Not me:weird: .
  4. Wow, if that kisslock broke.. I would probably do a whole lot more than just cry about it !
  5. Designers seem to be running out of new ideas, uh? Scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  6. That just looks silly!
  7. Not my taste. Plus it would be really easy for someone to open it and steal your purse contents.
  8. wow thats like my little cousin trying to be all dressd up and wearing everything all backwards.
  9. I agree. I thinks its odd and completely non-functional. I understand wanting to be "different" but thats a bit too much for me.
  10. Ha ha ha!!! That bag looks so funny.
  11. No thanks!
  12. oh viktor and rolf always have a place in my heart!
    great idea, they made everyne talk about them!
  13. Turn it back up then maybe I'll think about it. LOL.
  14. That's pretty funny :lol: . I wonder if they are simply trying to be funny, or really out of ideas?
  15. well i actually doubt that viktor and rolf are out of ideas....there are many designers out there who are surely out of ideas but not them. they ar just trying to be funny and provocative;)