What is this tote called?

  1. Does anyone know if it came with a silver chain strap also?
    chanel tote 2.jpg
  2. I believe that's the grand shopping tote, and it comes with a silver chain strap. It's part of the classic collection.
  3. GST aka CUTE!
  4. gst and I want one in black...anyone know the price?
  5. $1750
  6. yes, not to be redundant but it is the grande shopping tote and yes it coems with the silver chain strap. I think $1750 was the price. I got mine at Neiman's last fall but the ones with the silver are not as easy to come by. A good SA will try to find you one. Good luck! i love mine!
  7. they're sold out at 99% of the stores nationwide. My NM has one left in hite/silver.