What is this talk of lighter leather

  1. I have read several times lately...about when togo, clemance, etc....comes back from the spa...it comes back ligher....

    can we talk about this? what do they do to the leather to make it do this.

    I have never ever heard this until this week. I have heard it a few times on the forum lately.

    hermesgroupie? details?

    what is the deal? what just seems odd!
  2. Yeah - I too am a little panicked.

    My bags haven't "lightened" at all. But the only one I've ever sent to the SPA was a black box and it came back perfect.
  3. yes we need some experts to talk about it.

    I know they do not treat their leathers....so...what the heck would make it lighten at the spa???

    could this be true.

    we need hermiesgroupie....
  4. Lighter? If anything, they come back from the spa with the color almost as if new.
  5. Could it be possible that it gradually darkened over time with dirt, etc., and then when cleaned, it made the leather look lighter/brighter?
  6. Hmmm, that's a thought. Some of these leathers, like Swift in light colors will gray at the edges, so that's a possibility.
  7. okay so this isn't something that happens ...you send your togo or clemance or whatever and the treatment lightens it?
  8. ^^Not that I've noticed with my bags, or for that matter, my friends'.
  9. I just got the Rouge Vif in Clemence back from spa last week, I noticed the color is a bit brighter than before..then maybe it was just me because I haven't seen it for a while.....:biggrin:
  10. Hmm.....I've never heard of the leather looking lighter - only more freshened and, just cleaned up nicely. :smile: