What is this sound my dog makess?


May 22, 2006
He tends to snort repetatively sometimes. Im not sure how to describe it but like we'll be playing or something then he stops and then snorts. Looks like he i shaving difficulty breathing possibly or has some snot. Im not sure!!

Does any1 know what this may be??

Hes stop after a few seconds.

My chihuahua does this. I have heard it referred to as "reverse sneezing" and it is totally normal. It has something to do with their windpipe having a spasm or something...I am not sure really but I asked a bunch of other chi owners and they all reported that it was common and harmless. My daughter starting referring to it as "snorching" and we thought that was pretty funny so that is what we call it at my house. If your dog will swallow, it will stop. So sometimes when Gidget does this, I rub the front of her throat and she swallows and it stops.
YES i have a chihuahua too!

ANd it only happens when we play and he gets crazy. lol

So I am happy to hear that this is normal.

The "REVERSE SNEEZING" is exactly how it is described!
"reverse sneezing" is another term for a collapsing trachea. If your dog does this, it can frequently be eased by rubbing their throat, but it is important to switch from a collar to a harness and to make sure that vets, groomers, and dog walkers know about the condition.