what is this small chanel tote everyone is talkign about?

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  1. any picts? or description? so lost lol.
  2. There are lots of chanel totes. Do you mean the small cambon tote? I know there has been some talk of a pink/black tote in one of the threads about NC.
  3. we need more aarti!
  4. ^YOU THINK!? LOL!
    **looking into my crystal ball....**
  5. Are you talking about this classic small Chanel tote? It's the baby sister of Swanky's Grand Shopping.

  6. IntlSet...

    i LOVE that color... they didnt have it when i bought mine! now i saw light cream/white the other day... almost fainted!!

    heres my petit shopping[​IMG]
  7. lol thats just it! i dont know!! i just heard about there on several threads before but couldnt put a face to these descriptions, but that is a lovely bag above!!
  8. Can you post a link to a thread?
    There's a few small totes. . .
  9. hey swanky, eh forget about it, i was reading those threads LATE that night.. but thanks for looking out for me :smile: