what is this...RUST color!

  1. girls,

    do any of you know what the new "rust" color looks like? i just saw that san fran is going to be getting a shipment of those...but have no idea what they look like! any help will be appreciated.

    as well, does anyone know if any of this yr's classic flaps comes in a beige-y tone (throughout this yr...doesn't have to be for act 1)? i know that chanel is going to be getting one in light pink, but don't really have information on if they will be expecting any in similar tones. i plan on getting me a medium flap for that =]

    as well, do any of the white flaps come in the new chain? (so not the traditional "braided" leather one)

    TIA! :shame:
  2. I've seen a picture of the rust. It's like when your metals rust - the browny colour.....sorry, hard to describe. My SA says it's quite a neutral colour.
    Hope that hasn't confused you more.
  3. It looks like Burnt Pumpkin with a tinge of Red. It is a nice nuetral.
  4. are you talking about the salmon color?
  5. Yes, but it's darker than the swatch.
  6. i called the chanel boutique in sf and asked bout this rust color and she doesnt even know what is that...we all should work at chanel
  7. Good golly! It probably is the Salmon, but it just doesn't look like that. I am going to lunch in a few and will head over there. If the bag is on display I will get the color name a code and if they ley me I will snap a pic.

  8. thx a lot M =) u r the best n btw ur sa jenifer is called in sick today.
  9. ^ it's chinese new year today so jennifer probably wanted the day off to celebrate. :p

    i should have done the same!

    M - let us know what you find out! i will be able to drop by the sf chanel boutique tomorrow to find out as well.
  10. Well, I didn't see the "Rust" color today. There was a flap there the other day with the color. I actually got stuck at work finishing reports so I kind of ran in and out because I wanted to return my PST to Neimans which I did. I looked at the Chanel stock at Neiman's and everything is so ho hum after all seeing all of the spring color on the forum. So I ambled over to Prada...bad ZUZU!!!:police:

    FYI - Anybody interested there is also a PST with Gold Hardware at Neimans in SF.
    Prada 2.jpg Prada 1-08.jpg
  11. nice prada zuzu!

    i'll see if i can get some info tomorrow regarding this mysterious rust-color bag...
  12. I know for sure salmon and rust are 2 different colours.
    Good luck on your quest!!!
  13. When I stopped by the Chanel at SHM at the beginning of the week, I was shown the salmon, and it sort of looks like rust. Are you sure it is not the salmon? It is a great color! If I wasn't on list for purple lambskin, I would get it.
  14. rust color sounds divine! do you have any intel on what styles this color will come in? TIA
  15. ^ i'll try to find out today. i am going to the tailor's, which is right next door to chanel. dangerous! :p