What is this purse called?!?!?!

  1. I was watching 20/20 last night and they had something on there about designer purses and fakes. They mentioned a brand and i forgot the name. Its like a 16,000$ purse and it has a waiting list. It was also in a "Sex in the City" episode, and they told her it was a 5 year waiting list. I think it starts with a B..........
  2. That was the Hermes Birkin bag. :yes:
  3. In red? I remember that Samantha wanted a red one, but she couldn't get it (did she get the bag at the end? I forgot...) and then Lucy liu showed up with the red Birkin.
  4. haha thats such a funny episode!
  5. Love that episode!
  6. no i don't believe she got the Birkin at the end since it was delivered to Lucy Liu, so she obviously kept it. but it was paid for by Samantha?!
  7. BabyK: You are correct. That's one of my favorite episodes.:smile:
  8. Oh it was the Hermes Birkin! I love that episode too!