What Is This Pretty Bag??

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  1. burberry.jpg
    i saw this bag online, the color is so pretty!! is it limited?
  2. It's new and yeah, color is gorgeous! :smile: I'm tempted to get one...
  3. i like it!!!
  4. That's lovely! They have the classic color but same style at Nordstrom.:tup:
  5. i saw this last weekend in vegas. they also had one in green. the sa said those colors just came out. i was so tempted to get it since i do not have a burberry yet. :s it would've been my first. i believe it was $365. i might have to get one after all. :yes:
  6. i think the blue one would look good during the summer cus its so bright. =) don't know waht to match it with during the winter since im gonna be wearing a jacket n most of my jackets are black colors.
  7. Very cute- didn't know they were bringing back blue!
  8. as far as I can tell,and I,m actually pretty damn sure its a Burberry,the do this in a pink and classic beige colorway.It is very pretty, but us Brits have been quite put off Burberry by a breed of tasteless wannabe's called chav's (eg,they wanna have a sense of style) If you are in the US and this phenomenon has'nt reached your shores!!!! Lucky thing!!! Buy and enjoy it very cute!!!!
  9. What is a chav? Is that like a poser? Doesn't owning a Burberry automatically give you style? :smile: That's how I'd like to look at it.
  10. oh,how do I explain this one? A chav over here is a seriously style devoid indivdual that thinks by dressing in over the top very label visible stuff that it will instantly give them style and class,there was a very famous photo of one of our 'so far at the bottom of the list it does'nt even register as Z! 'celebrities'who wore = burberry hat,scarf,skirt,buggy,diaper bag,the baby was also in head to foot Burberry and it looks beyond ridiculous!! This 'celeb' also lost her septum in her nose from snorting too much cocaine,allegedly. Very classy!!! Does this help? If not I'll try and source the photo for you,I think it also may have been her that the whole expression chav was originated from. Famous for something then!!!
  11. okay,have done search on google and put Daniella Westbrook Burberry photo, its all there,how Burberry,quite rightly were horrified by it all and how they set about re-branding etc,even admitting 'Burberry has become synonymous with chavs and thugs' if you read the history of Burberry it makes what happened to their famous check very sad indeed.
  12. I'm in the US so I have no clue who this lady is. But wow! Now that is a lot of plaid in one place. LOL. It is a bit of an overkill. I can see why that's not very stylish.
  13. I have that bag in classic colour.

    Nice bag!
  14. Wow, that's really an overkill! No wonder Burberry was so pissed. :lol:
  15. lol, that's so tasteless and just ugly to look at..Less is always more!

    I think the celbs here in the US do a pretty fantastic job of sporting their designer goods..hopefully if anyone does this chav" thing here, someone will post it in the celeb section!! That'll be fun!:yes: