What is this Prada bag called? Info please.

  1. I saw a bag in an eBay auction that I really like. The auction ended. I want to know where I may get this bag. The auction was 170186000250. Don't know the style or where else I may find it? Believe it is from 2007 season. Is it lightweight? Does it carry well? All comments and thoughts appreciated.
  2. It's from the washed leather line and that style is actually around two years old. Neiman Marcus has the one handled version of the bag in a lighter color, but I've not seen the darker version released in almost two years now.


    Here's the darker version that's out now.
  3. By the by, these bags are usually leather lined and quite heavy! Great bags though. The leather is TDF!! :tender:
  4. Thanks for the pic of the hobo. I am looking for a hobo bag so may consider it. Is there any place else to buy this authentic hobo at a better price or must I succumb to using my NM card?
  6. Well, there's always eBay, but that's so risky I'd take out the NM card if I were you.

    On the heavy part, it's heavier than a fabric lined bag since it's leather lined (though the new ones could possibly be lined in fabric. I've not seen them IRL), but it's not super heavy like a Paddington is. I have neck/back problems, so I need lighter bags or I pay dearly for carrying heavy ones. :push: