What is this pedicure called?

  1. I was just in Ohio visiting my family and I noticed a lot of gals with dark polish on the nail with a white tip. Kinda like a French pedicure. What is this called? If anything? I really liked the look. :smile:
  2. No clue on the terminology of it but I would just go in and describe to the person doing your nails just what you said above.. I also like the french manicure with the Black tips!
  3. i guess its just french but you tell them you want a dark color instead of the basic pink or beige one.

    lets call it a Dark French :p
  4. Woohoo I love it! Gimme a Dark French pls:p
  5. hehe, COOL, i'd like to try a dark french too please. i wonder how it looks, i could imagine it in my head it it sounds like it would look pretty cool.
  6. Somebody on here, I think, said it was called a Louboutin - but maybe that would be only when the "dark" color matches the soles of the expensive trendy shoes?

    I think I am turning into an old fuddy-duddy, I have just not been able to embrace the look. But then I am one of those people who secretly thinks that even pink and white French manicures on toes look too much like the person is in desperate need of a toenail trim.

    So this new Louboutin - or Louboutoid, I guess, depending on the color, just looks to me like she desperately needs to cut them AND has let the polish wear off on the ends!

    In the interest of full disclosure, I feel ethically bound to confess that I referred to layered haircuts as "Dr Fieldbrush hair" for several years before getting one myself - and being utterly delighted with it. ;)
  7. While I was having a "regular" French done on my nails 2 weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine came in for a pedicure. She and I both have 14-yo daughters -- her daughter's name is Zoe. I heard her ask for "A Zoe Special." When I asked her what that was, she said, "French pedicure, black with white tips -- like my daughter Zoe always gets!" So, in my mind? Its called "A Zoe Special!"
  8. The Louboutin manicure is actually when the top of the nail is painted black and the bottom side of the nail is painted red, like the soles of CL shoes.
  9. Dark french! I love it!

    I broke a nail a couple days ago so I'm regrowing but I've wanted to try a black french manicure for a while but don't know if I could pull it off.
  10. Dark French :tup:! That's good. I'm going to request it tomorrow. I'll report back.
  11. Ah! Thanks for clarifying that. I guess that Loubotoid would still be the correct term for the variations?
  12. Sounds wild. If anyone gets one, please post pics!
  13. I agree. I'd like to see. :smile: and Dark French sounds cool!
  14. ooh! A dark french - I would love to see pics, too! hmm, maybe i'll try that out this weekend :yes:
  15. That is correct....all the CL soles are red.....I might have to check out that Zoe Special!