What is this mark on the pochette at Let-trade

  1. I am just wondering what is this mark (that look like an o) on picture#7 of this red epi pochette? Why is it there??? Don't understand... :confused1:


    (Oupss...sorry, forgot the link)
  2. link please.
  3. I must be blind.:shame: ..I don't see anything that looks out of sorts??:s
  4. It's like a punched hole - but w/out the hole - more like a circle imprint. Hmmmm......I don't think it would defer me from buying the purse if I was in the market for this particular model...think of it as a beauty mark!
  5. ^^^ It is on the LV label, to the left of "Paris".

    I honestly don't know what that is. I would email Let-Trade and ask them. Maybe it is just a weird reflection?
  6. I don't see it either.

    edited to add:
    Ahh-yes, I see it now.
  7. I believe that mark denotes that it was originally purchased by an LV employee.
  8. Ouhhh :idea: I never know about that... interesting!!!

  9. NOW I see it! Had to enlarge the pic :nuts: Old age setting in...:sad:
  10. Yeah, the hole means it was bought at the VAP (Vente aux Personnel). He proabably has connections to have it bought at those sales to resell them.

    I know they sell those bags at ridiculously low prices.

    Ex: A €500 bag goes for €20 (I'm not kidding. Look in other threads that support that price diff.!) :yes:
  11. omg i must have very bad eyesight, i cant see anything!! haha
  12. I was just going to say that.. I believe you're correct. I know they put some type of mark on the bags/items employees purchase.
  13. [​IMG] setImgWidth();
  14. Yeah - it's a VAP sale. It's a known. They have a sale every so-often. Techincally, they're not supposed to re-sell these items. I wonder if LT knows that ? :confused1:
  15. ^^ so once he buys it he cant sell them ?
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