What is this lovely red bag???

  1. What is this bag that Lauren is carrying and is it still available?
  2. NM someone said its the Diamond Stitch (small)...what colors does it come in beside black or white...is this red still available?
  3. Did you check the chanel reference library? They have great pictures and details abt this bag.
  4. The DS tote was available in black, white, and red for sure. But the red was only available for one season. Black and white were brought back for a second season.
  5. Sigh, I really like the look of it in red, but black might be a nice choice as well...
  6. oooh, I like it!
  7. Yep. Diamond Stitch tote, small size. :yes: I loved this ligne!

    Read in another thread that this isn't actually Lauren's bag. It's a loaner bag from Teen Vogue's fashion department.