What is this logo on Rachel Roy's bag? Who makes it?

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  1. This was clipped from InStyle back in 2006! For some reason, details are provided about the dress, but not the bag. What is the logo? I tried to blow it up as much as possible...Is it a sailboat? A woman??

  2. It looks like it could be a ship, maybe?
    I have no idea. Sorry.

    Good luck. Such a gorgeous bag.
  3. It's a Lanvin bag.

    The logo was designed by an artist who got the inspiration from a drawing that Jeanne Lanvin did showing the bond between mother and child. :smile:
  4. Oh thanks bulletproof! Do you know what this particular bag is?
  5. Oh wow. I was gonna say it was either a ship or a child and their mother, but I thought the child/mother idea sounded too weird. I guess not! I love the story behind that. It's so lovely. :heart:

  6. I'm sorry, I don't know very much about Lanvin bags, I just know the details enough to spot one. You might try to ask a more specific question in a new thread in the main handbags forum like : "What is the name of this Lanvin bag?" and hopefully a Lanvin expert will help you further. :yes:

    Good luck!
  7. Gorgeous bag!!! Go to Barneys.com, they carry a lot of Lanvin bags and maybe that model is there (if it's current, of course).