What is this legacy bag called?? PIC>>

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  1. I Want this!! is it still available?

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  2. looks like a hippie flap.

    I am sure some one will come along with a style number.
  3. I think it's 10325. Very cute and great for summer :heart:!
  4. Here's the thread for posting questions about bag IDs.


    But I want to know too. I saw a woman in the train station with this same bag, same color the other day and I love it. I think I remember it from 2007 and I passed it up because I had already spent too much on purses that year.
  5. There is one for sale now that someone posted on the EBAY deals thread in the shopping section. A black one.
  6. thank you for that info!!
    unfortunately I want a whiskey or white one :sad:
    cant find them anywhere!
  7. There have been at least two white ones on eBay in the past month, one whiskey, one natural, and two black ones. If you look for a bit, I'm sure you'll find one.

    I want the black, but right now they are going for crazy prices. The first white that sold a month ago went for under $100. The second one went for $160. (I know it's crazy to remember that off the top of my head, so just pretend I had to look it up, okay? :biggrin: )
  8. No problem :smile:! I do see them pop up on ebay from time to time. What I do when I'm searching for a more rare Coach item is I do a saved search on ebay (for both the item number in the title and the description) and ebay just emails me when the item matching my description shows up. Hope that helps and good luck!
  9. thanks that does help!! I will keep my eye out :smile:
  10. I bought this bag on eBay at the beginning of the summer and absolutely love it! I hope you find one too!
  11. I HAVE THAT BAG!! In whiskey :smile: LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  12. I too believe it is the hippie flap from a few years ago.
  13. It is indeed 10325. It came in leather colors white,whiskey,black and a camel kind of color too i believe.