What is this??? It's from Asian LV site...I think

  1. What the heck is this, it's so freaking cute!! Any idea how much, is it only available in whatever country this site is for??

  2. Partition
  3. It's called the Partition, and it's available in the US.
  4. :yes:

    It would be great for running errands!
  5. that site's from Japan
  6. Yup, it's the Partition... I was SOOO close to buying this, but my stupid digicam was too big for it... it retails $330 USD. There are still a few left in the country... ;)
  7. how much is it? Does anyone have it and can post an actual pic, how big is it???
  8. yeah I just saw the eBay one but I need a comparison pic with another purse, bag, wapity, whatever.

    John what kind of digicam do you have that's too big to fit in here? The measurements say it's 7x7x2 that seems kinda big for a wristlet.
  9. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-H1. It's dimensions are: (4.2 x 3.2 x 3.5 in)

    I just bought a Canon Powershot G5 that I'm hoping will fit inside a Wapity or a Partition, but I doubt it... :crybaby:



  10. it's not new..i meant not new produce
  11. it looks kinda weird haha .... :smile:
  12. perfect when you want to travel light ;)
  13. I like it.
  14. I saw a woman toting one of those, she kept staring at my mage:s
    she looked very chic tough...