What is this "inspired by" bag INSPIRED BY??

  1. I know I've seen this in Lucky before, many issues ago (I think in that "my foolproof outfit" page). I can't remember who it was by. This bag is the "inspired by" bag by Melie Bianco, but does anyone know what the original one is?


  2. No idea but that's a cute bag. I like stitching.
  3. I'd say it was inspired by cosmetic surgery! :roflmfao: I'm joking! :wlae:
  4. I've got the bag in teal, and it's really excellent for travel, especially since it converts from a clutch to a shoulder bag to a tote. I'd love to know what bag inspired it, but my Google-fu is weak there.
  5. I have not idea, but I remember that Emilio Pucci did something similar. they were flat totes that could be folded into clutches just like this. However, the Pucci ones were done in his signature prints.
  6. anna corinna?
  7. I believe that "inspired by" is a euphemism for counterfeit.
  8. ^^Which is why she is looking for the original!
  9. It wouldn't really be counterfeit in this case. If it had logos of whatever brand it was supposed to be, and was trying to pass itself off as the original it would be counterfeit but this one doesn't appear to be doing that.

    I don't go for "inspired by" myself, but I do make a distinction between bags like Melie Bianco's and fake LV's on the street corner which are counterfeit.