what is this IF bag called?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I am not sure but it looks YUMMY!!!!
  3. Ahhh, dang that is GORGEOUS!! Thanks also to Lexie for the link!
  4. If anyone is dieing for it, SavewearfashionCouture has it listed on Ebay for 609. A little discount. If Bags come down in price pretty quickly on ebay so I'll be holding out. A tip though...this seller does accept pretty low offers on her best offer feature.
  5. That's beautiful. And IF bags have great quality and the leather is always very very nice.
  6. What gorgeous looking leather that is! Thanks for the adasa link, Lexie. I see there is also a larger version in Black and Cream. Pre-order for August delivery. I love this handbag! It has beautiful detailing! Why do I want everything I see???
  7. Oooh! My eyes lit up when I saw it!! :love:
  8. Does anyone own this IF Dream Weaver bag? I have searched around to see it in person but did not have any luck. I am wondering if the straps are comfortable on the shoulder (and if they stay on the shoulder) Anyone own it and how do you like it? thanks.
  9. You might want to try your nearest Saks. I saw one last night at South Coast Plaza, I think it was black.

    I also saw a pic of Kate Hudson today in a mag at the hair salon showing her carrying this style. Straps looked firmly in place to me. :P
  10. Still watching this bag but the price is still up there for me. I always wait for a deal unless it's a Kooba I just "GOTTA" have.
  11. Thanks Bjara:smile: I'll check out Saks.

    Lexie, I should be patient and see if they are marked down eventually. jcMadison has the 20% of code but Adasa usu. excludes sale items for online codes. I just recently saw a pic of this bag in a NM catalog, and it is so gorgeous! I want it now. :love:
  12. If that Adasa page is still correct, it's down to 450. A decent discount!
    Dang...I just bought a IF Oasis Kate bag in brown. I want it but I wish I would have checked into prices of the Weaver first. I can't justify 4 bags in one week. I will be getting an older style Kooba, A Jillian and the Oasis. Gotta stop.