what is THIS?! Honoré wallet?

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  1. Saw this on nymag.com in their wallet feature...$1,150. Anyone have details/seen it IRL?

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  2. Good question. What is it :confused1:
  3. There was one in the last AW Monde d'Hermes. It's a wallet made of felt and Barenia leather. It looks a bit of a sod to get in and out of.
  4. I love the look, not sure of how functional it would be
    when you're in a hurry in a crowded store. :smile:
  5. I really like the look of it
  6. Is that really a wallet? What´s the furry thing inside lol
  7. The felt lining
  8. Why felt in a wallet? Could it be some kind of jewelry case? The barenia is gorgeous.
  9. here's a picture of it from A/W Le Monde

  10. pretty wallet--but what's that gorgeous bag next to it? i :heart: felt and wool with leather
  11. I love the composition of the picture above. Everything in it speaks of classic luxury. Just give me everything!:nuts:
  12. I love that look too, something outdoorsy yet luxurious about it
  13. :shame: For a moment, I thought the lining has to be removed before using. Much like the fabric that protects birkin & kelly flaps while in the orange box.


    I'm not liking the wallet. It looks too complicated.
  14. Just dug out my copy of Le Monde and it says that the bag is called "Camail". Again it's a felt/barenia combo.
  15. thank you Loony!