What is this hobo-looking bag called?

  1. i'm not sure but is a gorgeous bag. good luck on finding the name of it!
  2. Thanks! The pictures from the auction made my heart race - it had to be mine!
    7e2f_1.jpg 812d_1.jpg
  3. Its pretty, love the color.
  4. I think it is called perforated hobo
  5. Wow, great color.
  6. It's called the Nappa Clip Hobo.

    Just an FYI...that bag is small. Both the main compartment and depth are pretty tiny. I own it and rarely use it.
  7. great buy. The colour is lovely.
  8. Love the color....and at a great price!
  9. Nappa Leather is god-like. Just beware of its care!

  10. Thanks for the tip - not a problem though - i'm used to carrying pouches and demis! :p
  11. Will do. Any tips? I've not had a nappa bag before.
  12. very nice, congrats!