What is this Hermes called?

  1. Hi ladies! This is my 1st time posting here,although Ive drooled over every Hermes picture on tpf in the last few days,and over every LV pic as well.
    I've never ventured away from LV,but Ive always said one day Ill get myself a Hermes:yes:

    Well apparently my dh thought it was time to push me in that direction,and he came home from a trip this weekend with this beauty:nuts:

    Im sorry the pics are not that great,the pochette that came w/it is not pictured.

    Itwas purchased in Milan,this past Sat and the only thing my dh knows is that he likes it:p He cannot recall the name,and I have no clue:shrugs: The style name is probably on the receipt but I feel bad asking him for it,since hes walking around proud as a peacock right now LOL!
    Can anybody give me some info on her?? I have no idea what it cost him either,all I know is that I love her ,and Im so excited to finally have my 1st orange box:yahoo: Any comments will be so appreciated,thank you!!
    DSCN0284-1.jpg 000_1816.jpg 000_1819.jpg
  2. i think it is valpariso
  3. that gives me a start:smile: thank you!!
  4. Beautiful bag, congratulations!!
  5. congrats and welcome
  6. thank you ladies:smile: Im still drooling over some of the pics in the Hermes showcase....My God dh has NO idea what he's done LOL!

    I dont think he'll be complaining about the prices for LVs again:graucho:
  7. It is indeed a Valparaiso- do a search for it in the Hermes forum and you'll find several threads on it. Congrats- it's a beautiful bag!
  8. thank you so much! you guys are great:smile: