what is this????Has anyone done Paid survery??

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  1. Did they pay well??
    was it worth it???
    what was it for??
  2. I've done it twice. The first time it was at the mall. I decided to do it for fun but it turned out to be one of the MOST embarassing experiences ever. I'll elaborate later if you would like me to. That one cost $5...NOT worth it! The second one was from People magazine and it cost $10...piece of cake! But I think you're talking about different surveys...the ones that pay A LOT more! I've never done those before but I heard about them...sorry if I'm not being much help!
  3. hehe what do they usually ask you?
  4. I have participated in a couple of market research studies. One was for the gold industry right before they started with all the "Speak Gold" advertisements. I got $100 for about 2 hours of my time. Totally worth it.
  5. I've done the market research studies also. Usually pay about $100-300 depending on how long it takes. I did one on cars that paid $300 for a 2 1/2 hour time commitment. You basically give the company your demographic info and when one of their clients is looking for market research that fits in with your demographics you are called to participate.
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