What is This Gucci bag and how much??

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  1. :P :love: :love: :love: :love: :nuts:


    I know it's Gucci but what style and how much
  2. I believe it's this one but in a different color...$1890.00
    [​IMG]Available at Saks and Neimans (Large Top Handle Bag).
  3. I think LBL is right
  4. i cant see the link
  5. I think that's a brand-new style for spring... You'll probably find one similar to it if you search on gucci.com's spring purses.
  6. I did search Gucci that's where i got the image from it was a background website image but it isnt listed under Spring Summer handbags or the Guccissima Summer handbags... or in the cruise collection