what is this gorgeous bag liv tyler has here?

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  1. brand?
    where to buy? etc..

  2. That is gorgeous!
  3. I might be totally off-base, but it looks like a Wek 1933 (http://www.alekwek1933.com/). I think it's the U-bag. I recently purchased a bag in that chocolate weave but in a different style (I think it's the medium t-bag) from Shopbop.com. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding sites that sell this designer - I just happened to find it on Shopbop. It is a really gorgeous bag!
  4. klg, I think you are right on this! Liv has the black weave, and it looks like she has the strap on the back so that the top of the bag is folding down. All the bag details (the rings, straps, etc.) are exactly the same as the Wek bag you posted.

    I like that woven leather look; Bottega Veneta does a lot of their bags in that style, and Elliot Lucca does some less expensive ones as well, so if you can't find the Wek, maybe have a look at those!:smile:
  5. I think the Wek bag is actually woven leather (as are BV), rather than embossed, as are most bags out there. Of course, that means they are a lot more expensive! I like the look, too - I've been eyeing the Andrea Brueckner saddle bags.
  6. cool thanks guys! i just checked the Shopbop website and for some reason wek1933 isnt even listed as a brand anymore. any idea about the price range of this bag?
  7. The one I bought was originally listed for over $800, I think (I got it for more than 50% off). I bought it a couple of months ago - at the time, shopbop had 3 or 4 bags by her ... but once they went on sale, they disappeared quickly. If you have any luck finding some other place that sells them, let me know!
  8. That is gorgeous!