what is this downtown-esque bag?

  1. someone said it's vanessa bruno? is it true?
    and can u help me find this bag online?

    thanks :p

  2. I cant see anything??? Pics??
  3. GUNG, i've attached the pics and it's showing in my computer
  4. I can't see the pic either; just one of those little attachment boxes with a red "X" in it.
  5. let's try this

  6. Yep, it looks like the Vanessa Bruno pocket satchel at Shopbop or maybe a longer tote version.

  7. thanks bagdemon :yes:
  8. Yes- I think it's called "the Lune"...I wrote in another thread that I have adored this bag since seeing those Kirsten Dunst pics some time ago, and at the time I scoured the internet to find out what it was. You don't come across it very often, but I ordered it last week from Shopbop and it will be here tomorrow :smile: Now that you mention it, Seahorseinstripes, it does look similar to the Downtown...though I believe this bag came first, so the Downtown is actually a bit Vanessa Bruno-esque:p:smile:

  9. oooo it's nice to know this bag came first before the downtown LOL
    btw, how much is it for this one on m post pic?
    all i've seen at shopbob is the smaller one :sad:
    do u think i ca order the large one there?

    and don't forget to post the pic once u got the bag :smile: