What is this diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine bag?

  1. I saw a gorgeous sexy sexy sexy white classic bag that was covered in little metallic gold hoops all around it...some of the hoops had crystals embedded in it and is absolutely to dieeeee for!...I also saw lindsay lohan carrying the slouchy hobo version in the same kind of style...its absolutely stunning and I know it retails for $4,000+ But I would love to know does anyone know what the name is for both the classic and hobo one???
  2. This one? (from Chanel.com) I wish their web site gave names. :sad:
  3. These are from the "Star Attitude" line. Here's some info:

    3 Styles:
    -2 flap w/"Mademoiselle chain"
    -Flat Pochette
    Supple calfskin & strass
    -TCD: Haute Couture Eyelets in gold or silver color

    Small flap in white or black = $2,950
    A35097 (15cm x 22cm x 8.5cm)

    Large flap in white or black = $4,500 (approximate)
    A34864 (15.5cm x 30cm x 8.5cm)

    Hobo = A34867 (25cm x 33cm x 10 cm)

    They are arriving in stores NOW.
  4. Darling thannnnnnnnnnnk u...what is the price of the pochette...please if you have any idea...and any pics :smile:
  5. onyxbear what are those divinely divine pearls???
  6. These are new for S/S2007 too. In that length my guess retail would be $1,500+

    I don't have any information on the pochette - sorry.:shame:
  7. i wish their website gives prices..
    by the way, how do we find out the name of a bag?
  8. I don't know anything about it either but I have seen it on celebs, such as Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan...
  9. cute
  10. i believe this is the pic of the small flap pochette. ( the one that priced 2950+ taxes in mainland USA).
    star attitude pochette.jpg
  11. lovely!!!!
  12. wow! it's darling!
  13. The hobo I saw on lindsay was a slouchier version with a wider handle.
  14. that is so cute!