What is this design?

  1. Can you tell me what they call this type of purse handle and what they call this style of purse. Thanks.

  2. ummm i think you forgot to add the picture... :smile:
  3. I used the purse as my picture, I don't know where it went. I guess I don't know what I'm doing...
  4. [​IMG]Maybe I can still figure it out. Any ideas about this purse?

  5. try it again and use "preview post" to check if it shows up...

  6. ok now i see it... :yahoo:
    it's a beautiful purse.. but sorry i have no idea what it is...:nogood:

    i'm pretty sure someone here will be able to identify it...
  7. What do you do here...just hang around for an answer if you have a question? How does this thing work?
  8. yep pretty much, hehehe
  9. I am not sure of what it is either...what site did you find it on? Was there any information about it?

    It is a nice purse, sit tight, hopefully someone will be able to give you an answer!
  10. It looks like a "tooled leather" handbag from the photo.
  11. Hm.

    I'd describe it as a hand carried tote...
    Cutout handle with whipstitched edge detail
    Definiteyl tooled leather.