What is this combination?

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  1. I need help in identifying what kind of GP combination is this?

    I would like to say "natural barenia/toile" or "marron fonce/toile"... I actually have no clue :confused1:. But I need the exact combination so that *ehem*ehem* my mom's friend from paris can buy me the same one.

    If I'm lucky, I might get a little of something something extra :graucho::graucho::graucho: ... or should I say if she's lucky... ;)


  2. It is not Barenia, but it is Buffalo leather with Toile combination. As for the color brown, I think if they just say it is brown Buffalo with natural color Toile, that will work fine since that's the only brown with Toile they have. You can also have your friend have the SA refer to the Hermes.com website for a photo they can access easily.
  3. hmmm,
    There's something in that picture, which I feel I've never seen before...

    ...can someone identify that style?

  4. Tenshi - GOOD EYE! :tup:
  5. Love the garden party picture, such beauties.

    Ooh never seen that bowling-bag type of thing before, good spotting Tenshi!