What Is This Color?

  1. :shrugs: I saw this Voyager on ebay, and the seller has it listed as Turquoise. I am pretty sure it's Sky Blue. I told her this and she asked me to help her find out for sure. So I gave her naffs site address, and told her I'd ask the experts here. Also, can anyone tell me the difference between a Weekender and a Voyager. It looks like they only have about an inch difference in size, and that seems kind of silly if that is the only thing different! Thanks!

    eBay: AUTH BALENCIAGA VOYAGE BAG in TURQUOISE 05 (item 150059259649 end time Nov-21-06 20:00:00 PST)
  2. It looks like teal to me.
  3. yep, deffinately teal.
  4. Looks like Teal to me too
  5. Yes, another vote for Teal. Actually, my first thought was that it was Blue India - and it's already been discussed here that Teal and Blue India are very similar....
  6. ^^^I know! I keep confusing teal pics with BI!!!!
  7. It's so hard to tell in photos, especially when the flash is used. I had thought Teal at first but then I compared them to the Teal City that was listed. Here they both are, and also a listing for a Sky Blue City for comparision as well. It still looks like Sky Blue to me, the SB City's photos were taken in the sun, but it stills seems very close to the Voyager.

    eBay: AUTH BALENCIAGA VOYAGE BAG in TURQUOISE 05 (item 150059259649 end time Nov-21-06 20:00:00 PST)

    eBay: BALENCIAGA Authentic petrol leather motorcycle bag (item 190052396332 end time Nov-18-06 01:02:17 PST)

    eBay: AUTHENTIC MINT BALENCIAGA BAG FRM SPRING 05 IN SKY BLUE (item 330049134565 end time Nov-18-06 15:12:20 PST)
  8. I'm pretty sure the bag is sky blue. To my eye, looking at the picture that shows the bag's bottom and another one that shows the zipper, the color looks like just like sky blue.

    It's a gorgeous bag :love:
  9. The Voyage is just the former name of the Weekender.
  10. Thanks!
  11. hmmm... I dont know some pics looks like sky blue, other like teal... I'm leaning towards sky blue now.
  12. Its really hard to tell by the photos, but my first thought was corn flower for some reason. i have never seen a teal IRL, so dont quote me on this!
  13. Sorry for quoting you ppc! lol. But the A on the tag means it's from S/S 05, so it's deffinitely not cornflower blue. I went back in my computer files and found some pics of my Sky Blue City I took using the flash, and it deffinitely looks the same. The only choices from S/S 05 would be Sky Blue, Turq, or Teal. It deffinitely is not the vibrantTurq, and the bag looks too light for Teal. And I agree this is a beautiful bag!