What is this color?

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first bbag ever and it was a total impulse purchase at Barney's. I love this neutral color since I wear a lot of darker colors. But I actually have two questions for the bbag experts/enthusiasts: 1) What is the color of this bag? (the SA said it was part of this season's collection?) and 2) Do I have to worry about darker colors rubbing onto the leather? I absolutely love this bag and want to make sure it stays beautiful forever :smile:. I just started reading this forum and I gotta say there are so many beautiful bags on this forum :drool:. I'm already saving for my next bbag! Thanks!

  2. hi, is this the best pic you can get? cux it looks like having lighting affect...
    anyways, gorgeous purchase
  3. it looks a little too dark to be sahara or it could be due to the lighting. looks a little like mastic from last season as well.
  4. a photo in sunlight would help!
  5. Jzlyn is right. Sahara or Mastic. Lighting sways us coz season to season some colours repeat & they are a tone lighter or darker. If it is a very light shade then it is Sahara.

    Also on the tag,
    U - Mastic
    T - Sahara
  6. Thanks for the tip pinkboudoir! The tag says T so I guess its Sahara. Sorry for the bad photos and thanks for everyones input!
  7. it's gorgeous regardless of what color it is ;)
  8. It should be sahara since the SA said its part of this season's collection. (:
  9. Congrats, it is Sahara and it is BEAUTIFUL!
  10. Gorgeous Sahara bag! Congrats and welcome to the club.
  11. Such a cute bag! Congrats!