What is this color called?

  1. So I went to Saks the other day in hopes of finding the dark silver reissue (yes, I later learned that it was never ordered) and, instead, got this bag:

    Can anyone tell me what color of this bag is? The picture makes it look darker than it actually is. IRL it's really more of a light gold. What do you think?
  2. Awesome color, but I don't know what its called!
  3. I think this is the flap from Les Marais range...
  4. The SA that's normally there is away on vacation so I got helped by the Prada SA. Of course, she didn't know. The tag just says Classic Flap .... Black. HUH? It certainly doesn't look black to me!:confused1:
  5. It's gold on top, black underneath, peaking through. Chanel is calling this color Black. It's confusing.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  6. ^stephanie is right. that is the smaller (actually i can't tell from the pic if that's the smaller one or not) of the two basic flaps from Le Marais line and is called black. IRL it is a very pale, almost silvery gold. It's TDF.
  7. That's what I call it too, a "silvery gold." I love it b/c I can wear it with silver or gold. Thanks so much! I feel much better about not being the only one confused about the color.
    The one I got was pretty big--somewhere between the medium & jumbo sizes.
    But what about practicality? I was thinking of returning it for the bordeaux GST since it'll be more useful for every day. I've already got the black PST with gold HW and the dark silver reissue 226 is on its way.:confused1:
  8. hmmm tough call...i'm not a fan of the GST and i just got this jumbo LM flap (but in dark brown) so i'm biased! the dark silver reissue is also a flap but it's a completely different bag. the only thing is you are right about its practicality or perhaps lack thereof...the color is gorgeous on this leather but it does look very evening to me. i know the DS reissue also teeters on evening for me, but it seems more doable in the day than this LM bag for some reason...
  9. I think I'm going to bite the bullet--I love this bag! Everytime I get convinced to return it (for one reason or another), I just look at the bag and change my mind again. My husband will kill me! Why do these bags keep getting more & more expensive?! So then another question: medallion tote or GST? And now that the spring collection will be releasing a dark red, I think I may have to wait for that one!
  10. its from the le marais line.