What is this cleaner called "milk" used on LV?

  1. curious :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: ... from another thread I started someone mentioned a product called milk used to care for such things as LV ......what is this, others have asked the same question on my other thread...thanks!!! :graucho:

    Also, is it for the leather or the monogram canvas, or both?
  2. I cant wait to hear all about it!!!!
  3. ooh ooh me too!
  4. yea...I also saw it mentioned in another post from earlier this week...I am sure we will find out soon!!!!
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    [​IMG] Re: White Marks on my LVs!
    i have them too. sa said it's rubbing.
    she said go to sears and get milk, it's for shining shoes, and it will clean it up quite a bit. she has used it on a few of hers and heard of it from another sa! have not tried it yet, but have also heard of using an eraser.

    ...above is where I may of seen milk mentioned before...I am still checking though...but photoobsessive vbmenu_register("postmenu_1516069", true); was told this by her SA.
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    [​IMG] Re: baby wipes...
    Originally Posted by *jazzybelle* [​IMG]
    I can see how applying anything with water or alcohol would "dry" the leather. I suggest reconditioning with Meltonian leather conditioner. I wipe my current bag down with it before I put it away to switch to another one.

    I agree, I tried meltonian lotion milk and it doesn't darken the vachetta.
    Diet Coke is for fat people. Paris Hilton :roflmfao:

    Here is another place where MILK is mentioned - could be the same thing, offiicially called - meltonian lotion milk
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    [​IMG] Re: LV Care advice...
    You can buy the leather conditioner lotion milk that I use, it's called the "Meltonian leather lotion" cleans, polishes and preserves, it's for leathers, patents, imitation leathers, reptile skins & vinyls.

    It works on pretty much everything. It's a gentle lotion.

    Okay..I pretty much just answered my own question doing a search for milk on this forum...therefore, I know others wondered the same thing -what is this millk....now we know!!!
  8. Question is then....guess we aren't suppose to use it on new bags? Then when? After a year? Then how often? just curious...thanks!!!

    BTW..those of you who own All-clad Stainless pots/pans - need a good cleaner to clean excess marks you can't get from normal washing/cleaning I found this AWESOME stuff at Williams-Sonoma -Mark's Bartenders Best Friend - something like that, it's a cleaner like Comet - and it will make your All-clad SHINE like NEW!!! It was amazing and a steal for only $2.50....okay now :back2topic:
  9. its actually for shoes!

    the manager as Saks in boca told me to use it. i have a speedy 30 that is from 1995 and has some minor cracking. she brought up the milk to me. its from sears and its only , like, $6.95. she said she has only put it on older bags, never new.

    you let it sit for about two mins and rub/wipe/buff it off with a soft old tshirt or soft cloth. keeps the canvas looking 'clean' and 'bright' and really lovely.

    THIS IS FOR THE CANVAS!!!!!!!!!!!

    just so that last point is clear, i don't want to be blamed for botched bag-jobs!

    it is nice, i like having something to keep the canvas supple and moisturized, even though many people say there is nothing you can safely use, i like this stuff.

    it is called milk , ill see if i can find it online or even post a pic or more info on it!

    later ladies, sorry it took so long for me to get to the post!
  10. and i dont know how old the bag has to be to use it. the new bags i have are not in danger of cracking, or stretching or anything. i dunno, maybe you go by feel. whatever and whenever you feel your bag may need it. wait until you have a patina at least.

    with a brand spanking new bag, make sure to use you shining monkey stuff. i have not used that, but others here SWEAR by it! you spray the whole d@mn bag and it is protected!
  11. photoobsessive vbmenu_register("postmenu_1745080", true); -thanks so much for the follow-up, much appreciated!!!

    shining monkey stuff - guess this stuff is used for the newer bags, I should go out and get some -but where, anyone know?

    thanks again for your feedback!!!
  12. shining monkey is a product to avoid you can get alergies, On of the pfers got a very bad skin reaction.

    Shining monkey is a car product not to use on a handbag

    As for meltonian milk it's great to clean the vachetta
  13. Thanks for your feedback...guess I won't buy any of the shining monkey stuff - I don't want an allegeric reaction.....oh well, guess I won't do anything to my bag for now! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!!!
  14. I've used shining monkey on many bags, and love it! A great protector and not as greasy as the apple spray....
  15. Yeah! I love shining monkey!!