What is this circle heatstamp?

  1. What is that small heat stampedd circle next to the "PARIS" interior Patch? Ive never seen anything like this before. Is it like when you buy Coach from an outlet, the interior patch has circle on it?
  2. That means an LV employee bought it at a discount.
  3. I believe when it gets sold to an employee with discount they stamp it...
  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. That's so COOL! Anyways, I found this pic on Craigslist (its a Babylone) and i guess the sellers trying to make a profit.
  6. I thought that they weren't able to resell these items.
  7. Michelle1025, this Babylone is being sold on Craigslist (SFbay area)
  8. Oh neat, just learned something new today.
  9. Yup, that's right!!

    But still doesn't mean the purse is authentic -post the whole listing on the authenticate this section and find out if it is authentic....could be another scam FAKE makers have come up with to trick us, trick us into thinking - it has a punch, it must be real just that it was originally purchased by a SA - becareful, especially on sites like Craistlist, for example!!!
  10. ya not allowed to sell.. but can be gifted.

    the circle is when they buy a defect/RTV item at 70% off. not necessarily a regular employee purchase.
  11. ^ I don't think it means its defective, so much as it means that the item was sold at a VAP sale (internal employees only)
  12. i saw the listing.. the seller listed their cellphone (a valid 408 area code number) and i checked on whitepages reverse phone listing, and it seems to also be valid as well..

    my guess is the SA bought it for the person as a gift, and now is selling. shrugs. but the bag looks alright to me.
  13. Me too!
  14. What I meant by defective/RTV means that any item that has any sort of patina, some threads loose, a return, a QC problem from the production plant, or anything like that.. is then sold to employees at 70% off. It could be something as tiny as a pen mark or an ink stain or a replaced zipper or a water spot on the vachetta on a very inconspicuous location to the naked eye.. nonetheless, it was deemed in an unsaleable condition as "new" to customers.

  15. That's cool, I just posted that b/c you just never know anymore...If it's legit, then go for it!!! Hope it's a good deal too!!! ;)