what is this chloe bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    anyone have anything to say about it?

    i know you ladies know better than me! i am learning, help me out, i want a nice bag!

    email sarah17516@hotmail.com
  2. Hi Sarah! I'm not sure if I can be of any help. But here's what I've got to say...I've never seen this bag before. I think its from the Kerala line...but as I said I have not seen this style before. I'm not even sure if its authentic. It'll be nice if you could post more pictures.

    Anyway here's a picture of other styles of a Kerala bag...maybe you can compare. Leather wise...structure...etc. Hope it helps.




  3. Sarah, I also have never seen this style bag. Do you have a link to who is selling it so that we can try and help you more. My first impressions are that the charm details do not look "chunky" or substantial enough to be part of the Kerala range, it also looks v shiny, but ofcourse that could be because of the flash on the camera. We kind of need more details :smile:
  4. Looks like the BE & D bag on sale at NM online.
  5. ^ It certainly does! Well spotted, justonemore! :flowers:

    So, someone has removed the studded tag from the Ava, replaced it with the Kerala charms, stuck it in a Chloe sleeper and put it up for sale as a Chloe?

    How bizarre! :wtf:
  6. it says chloe on all the zipper pulls! i know, its so bizarre, ill post more pics.
  7. It's definitely one of those hybrid fakes...

    Stay away
  8. [​IMG]
  9. here are more pictures that will hopefully help out..

  10. soon as you open the dustbag you can smell the leather,,, if its fake, its a top notch one, let me know what you guys see as outstanding points of UN-authenticity!



  11. :wtf: What is going on here? Everything is wrong on so many levels. From the bag to the fact that the thread was started by Sarah naomi and then Emilia has taken over and posted more pictures of the bag under question...
  12. sarah is my blood cousin! we are both on a bag hunt.
  13. Emilia asked about this bag under the Authenticate this Chloe thread and I recognized it from this thread. I posted the link to this thread thinking it might help. Sorry, I didn't mean to start anything bad. I was just trying to provide her with some more info.

    After seeing those close ups... you can tell it's a fake. The leather texture looks all wrong. The date and chloe stamping is way too deep. The tag is all wrong. The paper it's printed on looks bright white instead of off-white. It's smooth and not textured.
  14. I say...stay away...looking at the additional photos you posted...I'm now 100% convinced that the bag is a FAKE.