what is this chicken skin under my eyes?

  1. I'm 35-years old and am begining to notice real changes in the area under my eyes. Wrinkles, dark(er) circles, etc....

    One thing has really been bothering me recently - this "chicken skin" under my eyes! It starts in the inside corner of my eyes and follows the hollow of my eye (right in the dark spot area).

    I don't think it's milia - I've seen pictures of that! It doesn't look like that IMHO. It looks like chicken skin to me. That's the only way I can describe it. Mine is faint - but there. I've searched the web 100x over and can't find anything like that. Is this just aging skin?

    Here's some pics I swipped of the web that best reflect what I'm talking about, though both this pics are more "servere" than my case. I tried to take pictures of my eyes but they didn't come out well.

    What do you galls think?

    (Got this pics from the web)
    undereye.jpg undereyeskin.jpg
  2. I've totally tried to research this as well. Just like you, mine's not too bad, but I can notice it. Hopefully someone will have an answer.
  3. I have some as well. I always thought it was milia but didn't search in great detail or anything about it.
  4. i'm curious to know too, i have a bit (and i'm 29)...i always just thought of it as thinner skin maybe with some milia added?
  5. Hopefully someone will chime in!

  6. I have this, too and I'm 27. I always thought it was milia from how they described it but have never really looked up pictures. I wonder if anyone knows? Maybe it's only a mild case of it?
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    That is not what milia looks like. The second pic above looks to me simply like wrinkles.

    This is milia:

  8. Wow. I'm glad you posted this question because I have the same thing and I could never figure out what it was. I thought I was using too rich of an eye cream or that it was milia. So many of us have it but no one knows what it is?
    Oh, I'm 34 but I first noticed mine about 2 years ago.
  9. I've used new eye creams before and noticed that they contribute to this. I went back to my old standby and the problem was much less pronounced. Maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe we're just getting older! :p
  10. those bumps are forms of milia, they start off small, gradually get larger and in some cases, harder.
  11. I think most people have them (I do too), especially as we get older.
  12. My undereyes have always been like that. It's just delicate skin. I use concealer and it does the trick to hide it.
  13. are you using an eye cream? if so, what kind?
  14. Thank you all for your comments.

    I do wear eye cream - I am currently using Estee Lauder Advance Night Eye Repair (instructions state use morning and night). I haven't noticed the area under my eye getting worse or improving with use.

    The gals at the MAC counter examined my under eye area and said it normal, aging thin skin....great.....Not sure if that's the case though.

    I guess only a dermatologist will know for sure! Once I get an answer, I'll be sure to follow-up with my post!
  15. I have exactly the same thing but mine are much more pronounced than the pictures you posted. I've been trying to get rid of these little bumps for 2 years now and all i seem to do is make things worse! I've always has sensitive eye area but this condition has arisen in the past few years and it seriously gets me down. I can't wear makeup underneath my eye as it just looks crepe and the bumps are all bunched up. It upsets me as my eyes were always my best feature. I'm 26 now but i think these bumps make me look much older than i am!

    I went to 2 different dermatologists. The both said they can be removed using a procedure that involves pulsing some electricity on the bumps (i guess some form of laser). I'm considering getting this done as no creams etc seem to work.

    What did your derm tell you? Have you had any luck with treatments?

    Please share what you find out.