What is this Chanel bag called?

  1. Hello!

    Please help! I'm trying to find out what this Chanel bag is called and how much its going for.

    Thanks!!!! :love:
  2. It the grand shopping tote from the timeless classic collection.
  3. Thanks Smooth! Do you have any idea how much they are?
  4. The price recently increased, so I do not - sorry.:sad:
  5. I think they went up to match the F/W prices - $1995{?}
  6. oh my... it's pretty :drool:
  7. Just called the NY boutique and its $1750.. unfortunately, they're out of stock of the black one!! :sad:
  8. Very pretty! Good luck finding one!
  9. wow thats not bad,,it went up only $100! it was $1650

    prob the best Chanel you can buy, in terms of classicness, beauty, appropriateness, durability, "Chaneleyness",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and will never go out of style

    try and get it...its really the only Chanel one needs if one can choose just one (and if one is not an addict like me LOL).there are so many girls on here that can steer you in the right direction re: tips they may have heard in where this bag is available
  10. I'm drooling over this bag.. I have the Ultra double band ring with black ceramics and this will definitely go with the ring!

    Now the only question is: should I get it in petite or grand? I'm fairly petite myself and I usually go for huge purses but I was wondering since the design is classic, it might be better for me to opt for the "right size" for my frame instead of going grand. Any thoughts?
  11. ^^Nicole is practically a stick figure in that picture and I think the GST looks fabulous on her.
  12. I'm 5'2... Nicole's height. I have both the petite shopping tote and the Grand Shopper (both beige, too!) and I MUCH prefer the GST. It also depends on how much you want to carry... you can comfortably fit notebooks, files, magazines in the GST whereas it's not possible with the smaller tote. Also, I figure: the bigger the bag, the thinner I look!
  13. ^can't argue w/ Annie's logic! :biggrin:

    I agree though, the GST is the best!
  14. IntlSet, would it possible for you to maybe model the bags here? :smile: I would really appreciate it!!!
  15. I have both the PST and GST, I like the GST better.