What is this Chanel bag called?

  1. I bought this small Chanel bag at NM SouthPark in Charlotte, and forgot to ask the name of the bag. It kind of reminds me of the Cambon bags but I always see them with contrasting colors. The size is 8" x 5". It's embarrassing how little I know about Chanel but I'm trying to learn.

    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg
  2. cotton club pochette! the cotton club ligne is the updated ligne of cambon

    great purchase!
  3. Oh I like that bag.......I love the chain strap on it!!!!!

    Hey Jen............I love the picture of your dog, such a cutie...what kind of dog is it?
  4. aww thanks Dawn! He just got a shower so he's all fluffy right now, haha. He's a Jack Russell Terrier :smile: energetic little bugger!
  5. Jen,

    Oh I love Jack Russell's, they're so smart!!!!! I used to watch the TV show Frasier, and the dad had a Jack Russell named Eddie....I just loved that dog!!!!
  6. Thank you, Jen!
  7. it's gorgeous!
    do you mind if I ask you how much you paid for it?
  8. Great bag! I am an NC girl too. I've only been to NM in Charlotte once and I was in HEAVEN! I was not bag shopping that day, but I did bring home a new pair of Chanel earrings and bracelt. Did they have cute things? I'd love to get back there soon.
  9. It was $795 (+tax of course). The NM Chanel boutique had a lot of styles I thought. Someone who knows more than I about Chanel, Prada Psycho, said they'd just gotten a shipment in. Natasha, the SA there is so nice.

    I love that mall. We have no shopping in my area of NC so every now and then I drive to Charlotte for shopping.
  10. thanks much for the info, that bag is really cute