What is this called?

  1. Hello.
    I'm looking for information about this picture. My girlfriend went to the local Coach Duty Free Store (in Japan) and took a few phone pics of 'things I can buy her for Christmas or next years birthday present' . I have been able to identify all but this last picture. Its a 'key case' if thats what Coach calls them, with like 6 hooks inside that you can clip your keys into. Looks like a HAMPTONS SIGNATURE style, but I can't find anything as far as model number or where I might be able to buy online.

    I want to make my beautiful partner happy and buy her more Coach items, but the price is killing my over here in Japan. The Official Coach online store is selling at MSRP and thats a bit better. I am hoping that you all might have some advice for me other then a gamble on Ebay hehe...

    Thank you for all your help


    Coach Key Case.jpg
  2. Wait it is on the official coach website? Do you have a link to it?
  3. I'm sorry but currently all I can find that looks like that is the card case, but By Saturday I'm heading over to the actual store and I'll ask for you.
  4. Oh lol I meant do you have a link of the key case, when you wrote "The Official Coach online store is selling at MSRP and thats a bit better."
  5. I'll look it up for you at the actual store, if you could wait for a couple of days.
  6. I'm not too good when it come to putting my words onto paper.. ever worse on the computer ( i cant type very well either)....

    I meant to say that I found some some of .. well all of the other items she like on that Coach link... just not that key case thingy..

    At the Local store a Hamptons Signature Slim wallet sells for about $280 with the exchange rate, I think its only $198 on the Coach page and shipping isn't that bad, So I'll most likely order it from there.. Ebay scares me for 'Authentic Items' hehe... But if I can identify what this key case is and where I can purchase it, I would like to grab them both for her.

    Thank you for the assistance!!

  7. NP, I am heading there tomorrow so I shall check for you.
  8. Coach doesn't have one in stores right now, but there will be one out this holiday season :smile:
  9. Awwww.. Darn. Oh well. Thank you for your help ladies. I guess my girlfriend will have to wait until the holidays to get her holiday gifts this year... hehe.

  10. ^^ Yes I got the same response, totally helps having an actual Coach SA here!
  11. Again, Thank you.