What is this called?

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  1. Hi Clinkenwar, the item in the auction that you mentioned is a fake.

    Hermes used to make the small wallet like the one in the auction - it's called "Dogon" Mini Purse & has been discontinued. Hermes is still making a bigger size wallet known as "Dogon" wallet. You can check out the pics at eBay auctions #6876195583, #6860349014 to see how the Dogon wallet looks like. These are older models.

    There is a newer design of Dogon wallet which has more compartments & a removable coin purse. See pics at eBay auction #6834725532.

    I'm not sure whether Hermes will ship wallets. You might want to call some stores near you to enquire. Hope this helps! :smile:
  2. Thanks Gigi..as always you are a fount of knowledge!!:biggrin:
  3. I think they will ship most things except for the bags...good luck!
  4. Agree with shoes on the above^. I have heard that sometimes they will ship a bag, but you have to be extremely lucky and have the right SA working for you. Never say never!!!
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