What is this called??

  1. Hi ladies,

    Virgin poster in the Chanel forum here... ;) I am not familiar with the names of the bags apart from the very obvious ones (cabas, cambon, reissues,... that's about it!) and my friend has this bag and wondering what it is called? Btw, the photo was taken from eBay as I don't have the photo of my friend's.. Thanks for the help!
  2. ^^I'm really not sure, it's obviously a tote of some kind. I hope someone comes along that can help.
  3. ?

    Never seen this one before.:confused1:
  4. bump!
  5. must be an older piece or something not permanant. I have no idea about it's ligne name:shrugs:
  6. But a Chanel boutique should know, right? How receptive are the SAs in just casually looking at the bag and verifying authenticity? I mean, just want to make sure this is not against company policy or anything and don't want to look like a complete dork waltzing in there to ask... Thanks!
  7. It looks like it's vintage.
  8. Just go into a boutique and say that you or your friend got it as a gift from a vintage shop and you would like to know from what ligne it is. If the SA's are nice, they might do some research for you.
  9. It looks like an early 2000's bag (2001-03?), check the hologram sticker the number sequence will give you an idea, I have seen this in black before (long time ago)