What is this called? Please help!

  1. Hi ladies
    im actually new to chanel (lv lover haha) and i want to purchase a new chanel bag
    i was browsing through the chanel website
    and i came across this cute bag
    all it said in the description was calfskin flap bag

    can you please tell me what this is called?
    i found it in the spring summer precollection
    can i find it anywhere?
  2. It's from the diagonal line. The style number is A34286 Y01669. It was $2595, not sure if it's increased. Nordstrom ordered it in white, black and beige. It is still out there, I believe. I've seen it at Saks and Neiman's too.
  3. !!!
    thank you SOOO much!
  4. Found a pic in the reference library of the black:
  5. I think the Diag Ligne is so cute. However, I've heard that the leather is very delicate.

  6. it's SOOO scrumptious!!!
    My NM had some last time I was in.
  7. this bag is gorgeous! im def going on a hunt to find one
  8. Love this!!