What is this Bleecker bag called..from the Japan Site?

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  1. I know it's a woven something, Style 12417. Also price? Are the wovens (this, shoulder and hobo) going to come in any other colors besides mahogany? I know there is a metallic in the hobo, but I'm not a 'metallic' sort of girl. I LOVE this bag, but wish they had color options.
  2. I can read Japanese, NOT!

    The metallic version is on the Nordstrom website, it's COACH Bleecker Leather Woven Zip Satchel, 12417. The metallic is $698, IDK about the leather. I ordered the metallic satchel from JAX, but exchanged it for the metallic hobo. I want to have the option of wearing it on my shoulder, but the straps on the satchel aren't long enough for me.

    Here's a link to the Nordstrom site:

  3. I saw this purse on the Japan site too and wanted the Mahogany color but didn't know the price cuz I can't read Japanese either. So I went to the boutique today w/ the PCE to use and they said that they could order it for me, but I totally forgot to ask about the price since I asked the SA to look up a bunch of other item numbers from the Japan site too (NONE of which they could order- :tdown:. On the website it looks rather small and I couldn't decipher any measurements (again in Japanes)......

    Anyway, long story short, when she went to ring everything up, I finally remembered to ask the price and the leather version is $598.00, Yikes- So I had to pass on that one. I thought since it LOOKED small, it was small and would only be in the 200 range.
    I also had a picture I'd brought with me from the Japan site and when the SA saw it, she said, oh we have that bag in the platinum so I did get to try it on......I loved the straps on it, but it seemed that the bottom was really wide and when I put it on my shoulder I felt like my arm was really sticking out, so I'm glad I was able to see it IRL and try it on to determine that I didn't really want it after all...It is a really nice bag though!