What is this balenciaga called?

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  1. I don't know for sure so I won't say what I think the color might be (or is attempting to be), but it appears that the bags bales are hidden in every pic, NOT a good sign for authenticity..... See what the experts say!
  2. opps, that was spilt on it!
  3. hi!
    did this particular one have alcohol spilt on it??

  4. from what i was told, it did.
  5. it's been sold now anyway, guess it wasn't meant to be!
  6. true!

    i'm trying to find out what the colour and style is and perhaps order one from aloha rag and buy it new
  7. that was my thought too, although I still love the black, boring I know.

    I got an email back from aloha rag today, these are the colours they have in the firsts:

    Black, Café, Mint, White, Blue Glacier, Vert Gazon,
    Antracite, Argile, Bordeaux, Marron and Dark Green in stock right now

    now i just have to decide if my cc can handle it!