what is this bag?

  1. Now, I know the larger bag is Chanel, but can anyone tell me what make the clutch is that she's carrying?

  2. here's another pic...

  3. looks like a le sportsac to me.
  4. exactly le sportsac!
  5. ^^ okay, so I've never heard of that... and thanks for replying. is there a website or something??
  6. ahh i've just found the website, but it doesn't ship to the uk. -sob-
  7. i love hilary duff and the things she has...
  8. ^^ you star! thanks!
  9. Yup! First thing I said when I saw the teeny logo - looks like a Le Sportsac to me. Seeing as everyone else has said that - it is definitely Le Sportsac!! it's cute too!:wlae:
  10. On a side note...does anyone know what glasses she's wearing?
  11. yes, a very cute Sportsac!!:lol: