What IS this bag?


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Apr 17, 2008
Has anyone seen this before? Is it limited edition or something? I've seen Gauchos, not like this though.


Anyone know season? It's pretty cool, I think!

I'm just loving this one -- I've also never seen Cannage in Metallic :yahoo:!!


I am going to post this one on the Authenticate Dior thread, if it's real - I'm going for it!!! What an AWESOME bag for summer!!!


And what a steal - $650 for $1795 retail (I thought retail was higher on leather Detectives - anybody?)
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Nov 24, 2006
I think that is about the amount for the medium sized detectives; there is one that's $2790 but that's the large travel size.


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Jan 9, 2008
Gah I forget the name of the first style :confused1: but it's an older style - I think more than two seasons old...? - and it wasn't limited edition.

Yes, the Cannage bags do come in metallic silver and also metallic gold. :yes:
Apr 14, 2007
Arizona, USA
Hello nycbags,

I believe this is called the Dior Plain/Grained Gaucho Bag; to the best of my knowledge...it came as a tote, double, mini and medium bag (as offered within the Portero link you posted). It came out when all of the other Gaucho style's did. Also, I believe either Nat or UlChic had one, but sold it (I almost purchased it from her upon eBay sometime ago!).

Here are some reference pics and there are tons more within the "Dior Magazine/Catalog/Etc Thread"...just select the link within my signature and it will take you directly to the thread.

best wishes, BeautifulBasics :flowers:

p.s. The Dior Detctive Bag is cute too and appears to be authentic...one key way to determine the Detective bag's authenticity is to make sure the Dior flower pattern lining is correct/not upside down!